Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals His Bodybuilding Secret: “I Shrink My Head”

The Austrian Oak, actor, bodybuilder and former governor revealed his secret to gaining his incredible physique during an interview this Friday. Schwarzenegger, a long time bodybuilding icon, put it simply: “I just shrink my head to make my muscles look bigger”. When asked for further details, he explained:

Image result for arnold schwarzenegger"

“What I do it I cut two semicircles in a hatch to a sauna. Then, I wrap a towel around my neck to help keep the heat inside, stick my head in and let it take all that steam. After a few weeks it’ll be noticeably smaller and your physique will look comparatively much bigger. People often accuse me of letting myself go in recent years, but no, they’re wrong – I just haven’t shrunk my head much recently.”

And there you have it! You can catch Mr. Schwarzenegger in the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate this Friday.


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