Amazing: Archaeologists Discover Slightly Smaller Terracotta Army Guarding Original Terracotta Army

SHAANXI, CHINA – Archaeologists have announced an exciting discovery concerning the world-renowned Terracotta Army! As it turns out, Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of a unified China and the original commissioner of the Terracotta Army, had a slightly smaller terracotta version of himself made with its own, slightly smaller Terracotta Army. The smaller Terracotta Army is widely believed to have been meant to guard the smaller mausoleum of the smaller terracotta Qin Shi Huang, just as the Terracotta Army guards the mausoleum of the real Qin Shi Huang, in addition to the smaller army which guards the smaller mausoleum.

Image result for terracotta army"

Yu Guo’an, an archaeologist from Beijing University, has stated that “the find is incredible…there is easily a somewhat smaller than a city-sized monument buried just next to the original city-sized monument. Finds from this dig suggest there may even be yet another, even smaller Terracotta Army in the vicinity as well”. All together, these exciting finds appear to “extend indefinitely, for at least several dozen miles. We will need more specialized, exceptionally tiny equipment to continue exploring”. Here’s to Mr. Yu’s future success!


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