At long last, scientists have created a dog with human teeth and hands

Dog lovers rejoice! Man’s best friend just got a little better when scientists at the Oregon Centre of Applied Biotechnology successfully created a dog with the hands and teeth of a human.manhound

Not only can this new and improved breed of dog handle objects with unprecedented efficiency and look even better smiling, but it can also reportedly be taught to speak. Eugene Kreuzer, the head of the project, elaborated further: “We never really tried to teach it to talk because we had no idea it could, but several members of our team could hear it laughing every now and then – you know, like a person, and sometimes when he gets excited, he’ll just look you dead in the eye and say “Flesh” in this booming voice, over and over. It’s really exciting stuff.”

The good news doesn’t stop there, however – “He’s putting his hands to good use too. He loves chicken bones, mostly playing with them. Sometimes we see him toss them onto the ground and once he’s looked them over, he’ll just point at one of us and make this shrieking noise. He’s still a puppy, so it’s expected that he can be a real handful at times.”

Kreuzer’s team anticipates that Manhound as they’ve taken to calling him, should be available for adoption in the coming months.


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