Tragic: Local Man Renowned For Ability to Smoke 20 Cigars Simultaneously Has Succumbed to COVID

If you thought COVID was only a threat to the elderly, think again.

Local Soo man Leslie Vytautas, 25, a local celebrity famous for his ability to fit 20 Cuban cigars in his mouth and smoke them all simultaneously, has tragically died from complications related to COVID-19.

A close-up of the foot of a dead person in a morgue. A blank tag is attached to the toe.

“I just can’t believe he’s really gone” said Leslie’s closest friend, Mitch Robinson.

“We were best buddies at the Plant. I used to laugh and laugh when he would just inhale the fumes from the lathes like a vacuum cleaner until his eyes were bloodshot. Afterwords, we would go for a beer or thirty and eat our own bodyweight in poutine.”

Leslie’s crew remember him fondly as a likeable and funny man, often taking off his respirator in the coke ovens and pretending to choke like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall.

“He was a big guy and he’s left a big hole in our hearts” recalls another coworker, who wishes to remain anonymous. “To think COVID could take down a 350 lbs monster like Leslie, it really opens your eyes.”

The sobering experience has left Mitch with this to say to those who don’t take the pandemic seriously: “If it can happen to a guy in the prime of his life like Leslie, it can happen to you too.”


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