Soo Transit To Convert Baby Stroller Shuttles to Fleet of Buses

There are exciting things planned for 2021 in Sault Ste. Marie, and you can rest assured Soo Transit isn’t missing out on the fun! In a press release earlier today, it was announced that Soo Transit’s aging fleet of baby stroller shuttles are in fact going to be refitted to act as regular buses.

City council hopes the move will allow people to board the bus and ride it to their destination. Previously, many people would mistakenly board a baby stroller taxi under the impression it was a bus, resulting in numerous Saultites becoming lost, and often missing, in the labyrinth of strollers and single mothers.

The move has proven controversial, however.

“Our city’s expansive fleet of single mom shuttles is an integral part of Sault Ste. Marie culture” noted a local activist, who chose to remain anonymous. “It was often a badge of pride that no one could, without a child and potentially baby daddy, reach their destination successfully. Our city has always been renowned for the mystery of riding the pseudo-bus, only to be swallowed by a sea of strollers carrying wailing babies and expensive stolen meats. Now, people without access to a vehicle might actually be able to get to work on time, and comfortably. We cannot allow such a change to take place.”

The new fleet is expected to be rolled out as soon as February of 2021.


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