Want a Pet? Here’s The Soo’s Top 5 Picks For This Week

While Coronavirus has thrown a wrench in the pet adoption plans of many, we’ve taken it upon ourselves the peruse the Soo’s choices for local rescues looking for a forever home. See how long it takes for them to tug at your heart strings!

Montgomery, Jack Russell Terrier, 5 years old

Monty’s a lovable, fun filled little bundle of energy just looking for the perfect owner who can keep up with his energetic hijinks. Found running in circles around the property of a suspected drug lab, Monty gets a little frisky if he doesn’t get methamphetamine laced treats, but we’ve been weening him off and he’s making great progress! Monty can be a little pricier than most dogs due to needing weekly HIV and Hepatitis shots at about $500 per pop, but in our humble opinion he’s worth the price of admission.

Alejandro, Unknown Breed, Unknown Age

Alejandro’s a stray rescued just weeks ago, and shows great promise. While he can take a little while to warm up to people, he’s shown he can be a loyal and caring dog once he gets out of his shell. Rumour has it this pooch was last seen down south, allegedly guard dog for two rival drug gangs, both of whom have since disappeared. Don’t mention his brother near him. Goes absolutely wild when he hears the word “Ramón”. Good with children and firearms.

Nougat, Chocolate Lab, 34 Years Old

“Old Faithful” as we like to call him, Nougat’s hoping to find his sixteenth forever home! At 34 years old he’s not too energetic anymore and most of his bones have fallen out of their sockets, giving him a unique, mop-like shape. As he can’t walk, he needs to be placed on a small scooter and pushed around. Nougat’s perfect for a quiet, mature owner, as he can no longer bark, only making a gurgling sound when he’s excited – we advise keeping him somewhere with hardwood floors, as he obviously can’t get up to go outside! Very low maintenance dog, being content to live off of onions and birds that wander near his mouth. A true diamond in the rough!

Mephistopheles, Who Knows, No One Cares

No one knows what this little asshole’s name really is and none of us care, that’s for damn sure. Cold and calculating as a wicked chancellor, as cuddly as Pol Pot. Consistently a prick no matter how nice you are to it. Likes to spill the food you give it because it knows you’re gonna give it more anyways. Destroys everything. Hisses at displays of kindness. We personally think the perfect home for this piece of shit is in a river, but that’s just us. Has learned to answer to “God’s Mistake”. Hopefully going to be dead soon.

Sammy Davis Jr., Robin, 1 Year Old

Probably the most charismatic bird you’ll ever meet, this little fella got his name from his previous owner for this absolute dedication to singing nonstop, all hours of the day. Sammy’s different from other robins in that his song is a tad more shrieking than most, and his Gilbert Gottfried-esque voice makes him a poor fit for apartment life. Despite this he’s definitely a charmer, and sure to brighten up anyone’s life!

And there you have it! If you like what you see, you better be quick to adopt these great pets, because something tells us they won’t be available for long!


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