Tragic: ISIS Videographers Going Out of Business as Rest of World Becomes Equally Fucked Up

RAQQA, SYRIA: New data suggests that ISIS’ once prolific video propaganda team is closing shop as demand for fucked up politically charged atrocities is plummeting.

Anwar, a former member of the Caliphate’s social media team, has been unemployed since March.

“Circa 2015, we were all the rage. No one had seen such graphic, crisply captured moments of extreme violence and brutality. Now, complete disregard for human dignity and life is basically ubiquitous.

Go on Twitter right now, you can probably easily find a video of an old lady getting her skull bashed in by looters somewhere. Just the other day I saw a man open fire into a group of people in the heart of the Great Satan, New York City itself. And Portland! We simply can’t keep up at this rate. And that’s just in America!”

Anwar and his colleagues are reportedly doing what they can to make ends meet.

“We beseech the world, give us a chance. We can add waving flags to the corners of your videos of innocent people being murdered. Please consider us.”

Has ISIS truly been dethroned? Time will tell, but it seems likely.


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