BREAKING: CNN Now Airing 24/7 Coverage of Cuomo Brothers Windmilling Each Other

In a dramatic move, American news network CNN has opted to drop all other programming for an uninterrupted livestream of the Cuomo brothers mercilessly windmilling one another while arguing over who is the better son.

Coronavirus: Chris Cuomo debates mom's 'favorite' with Andrew Cuomo

Thus far, the windmilling itself generally lasts for twenty minute bouts, with another ten minutes for rest and verbal argument, before the windmilling resumes. Most nights the brothers tucker each other out and are both sound asleep by 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

Wolf Blitzer and Don Lemon feed the brothers a potent cocktail of porridge, cocaine and adderall in between bouts and treat any injuries sustained. This new broadcasting is expected to last until “one of them dies”, according to an anonymous source.


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