Thank God: Towns With Few Testing Kits Remain Mostly COVID-19 Free

In a huge relief for the country as a whole, localities with few or no testing kits for COVID-19 are, thus far, free of the pandemic. While there has been enormous fear that such places would be devastated by the influx of seriously ill patients and a lack of supplies to accommodate them, it seems as though everything’s going to be alright after all.

Image result for coronavirus bacteria

“We’ve been losing sleep day after day, knowing the strain this pandemic would put on our healthcare” explains Dr. Greco of Thunder Bay. “Luckily however, despite our lack of available testing kits, no one seems to be showing any of the key symptoms, namely interacting with someone confirmed to have COVID-19”.

While there have been an unusually large number of cases involving pneumonia, we’ve been assured that this is likely “just a cold” and nothing to worry about.


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