You Go Girl: Mulan Remake Will Feature Extermination of The Jie People

Can you say epic? Mulan director Niki Caro has confirmed we’re finally getting the strong female protagonist fans have been clamouring for as the eponymous character will lead a campaign of extermination against the Jie people. “While some fans might be upset at the exclusion of Li Shang from the film, you can rest assured there’s plenty to make up for it. This Mulan will finally be a heroine young girls everywhere can look up to as she mercilessly carries out the Emperor’s will, slaughtering man, woman and child in the name of Imperial hegemony. It’s totally empowering and I think fans’ll love it.”

Image result for mulan 2020

The Jie were one of “Five Barbarians”, tribes which invaded China during the Sixteen Kingdoms period following the collapse of the Jin dynasty, who were historically slaughtered by the Han Chinese in their reconquest of China.

The film’s global release date has yet to be determined in light of the coronavirus outbreak.


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