Op-ed: Qasem of Soleiman Clan Killed With Rock. What Mean For Region?

If not see news yet, Eagle Tribe Head Chief Trump say good throw rock at Qasem of Soleiman clan, and friend Abu Mahdi. Rock thrown so hard, both killed. This follow many stones thrown at boats in gulf area, death of Eagle tribe man, and many rocks thrown at Eagle tribe cave in Baghdad. What this mean?

Image result for neanderthal

First, things not look good for Lion tribe. Not only do Lion tribe miss all stones thrown at Eagle caves, Lion tribe club to death travelers to Cossack tribe land by accident. Now, many in Lion tribe angry that club wrong people, and yell at Big Chief Khamenei to leave command cave. Thus pose real question – what happen now? Lion tribe people not only people yell at Big Chief Khamenei. Two River tribe and Cedar tribe also yell – this bad for tribes that swear swing club for Khamenei. What more bad, Eagle tribe scare away tastiest animals going to Lion tribe. This mean not only Lion tribe not get best pelts and meat, but same for global tribes supply by Lion tribe.

Lion tribe have few options. Me not think Lion tribe forget about rock attack. Most likely thing for Lion tribe is throw rocks at Eagle tribe fighters in Two River tribe land in future, through friendly tribe fighters. If throw rock too hard, will get bigger rock thrown back, so will be careful. Lion tribe not afford to cross Two River tribe land – cannot throw rock at far as Eagle tribe, or swing club as hard. If do this, Lion tribe people probably yell so hard at Big Chief Khamenei he leave cave. On other hand, if Eagle tribe enter Lion tribe land, it no good for Eagle tribe. Too many caves in Lion tribe land – Eagle tribe get rock thrown at back of head, and stay in Lion tribe land to club fighters cost too many pelts, because take too long to club ALL fighters. So me not think either likely.

Lion tribe caves outside Lion tribe land having cave in. Lion tribe people not sleep on nice pelt in long time, and Lion tribe pebbles worth less by day. Lion tribe not likely stop searching for fire, so me think sanction stay. If Lion tribe make one more big mistake, me think Big Chief Khamenei done. Lion tribe might try club Small Hat tribe as last resort, but need remember many in Cedar tribe (strongest Lion tribe friend in area) angry at Lion tribe right now, so now not good time for that either. Whatever case, me think things not look good for Lion tribe – and me say not listen to Cave Painters, who say Big Clubbing Three happen soon. They not know how interpret animal bones. And that me opinion.


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