Best. Halloween. Ever. Northern communities to offer free zombie face paint for meth addicts

Halloween lovers, rejoice! A new grassroots campaign has successfully lobbied a number of northern communities across Canada to begin offering free zombie face paint for methamphetamine addicts. The program is expected to to seriously liven up local communities during the Halloween season, offering a cheap and efficient way to maximize community spirit and spookiness. Evan Gareau, the mastermind behind the program, describes his inspiration:

Image result for jack o lantern

“I always thought about how boring things are in the small towns here in the north during Halloween. There’s barely any real Halloween spirit – then I saw some shambling methheads, scratching away at themselves in their tattered clothes and I thought to myself, they’re perfect! So I proposed the program to local community leaders and they loved it. It lets those meth addicts feel  more like a real part of the community, and it benefits the community by offering a ghastly sight, and a real sense of danger as many of these addicts are strung out and prone to violence. It’s a win-win!”

The program is expected to take off this year in a variety of locations. Write to your municipal officials if you’d like to see the same in your community!


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