Major Gaffe: Biden Eats What Appears to be Dead Bonobo During Town Hall

In another major gaffe for the Democrat Presidential hopeful, former Vice President Joe Biden was seen picking away at what appeared to be a dead bonobo during a televised town hall debate this Wednesday. This is just the latest in a long string of incidents involving Biden, who has developed something of a reputation over the years, being particularly well known for giving impromptu shoulder rubs to women in his vicinity.

Image result for biden

Audience members reported seeing a staffer haul what appeared to be a heavy, odourous bag to Biden’s podium early in the debate, and seeing Biden pick hair from what appeared to be chunks of meat before eating them when not speaking. Reportedly at one point Biden tossed the hand of the animal over his shoulder. It was only after the conclusion of the debate and the exit of the participants that it was confirmed the animal in question was a bonobo, having slumped over and fallen out of the sack it was contained in. Biden has not commented on the incident.



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