Inclusivity Win! Canada to Feature Oscar Mayer Wiener Kids on New $50 Bill

In a resounding victory for the Canadian LGBTQ community, the government of Canada has announced that the children known for singing about how they wished they were  Oscar Mayer wieners will be honoured by appearing on the $50 bill, replacing WWII era Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. The new bills are set to enter circulation this fall.

Image result for oscar mayer

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explains: “Canada values, and will always value, the LGBTQ community and this is our way for showing our appreciation and apologizing for past prejudices.” The children in question, who appeared in a number of advertisements expressing their desire to transition to an Oscar Mayer Wiener, are now widely seen as pioneers among the LGBTQ and especially the trans-species community for having the courage to express that desire in public, and on national TV no less.

“For many of us growing up, and historically speaking, the wish to become an Oscar Mayer wiener was frowned upon and shunned by society. At many points in history, you could even be killed for saying such things”, says activist Felicia Cevapic. “To see a group of children come out and state their desire to become an Oscar Mayer wiener gave many of us the hope and courage needed to finally become Oscar Mayer wieners, and that makes them heroes in my book.”


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