Sitcom Lovers, Rejoice! Tyler Perry Announces Brand New Series “Tyler Perry’s House of Wei” Slated for this Summer

You read that right, comedy fans! Legendary American comedian Tyler Perry has just announced he will be producing, directing, and exclusively starring in a brand new series Tyler Perry’s House of Wei which will be airing on TBS this summer. Set in the Warring States Period of Chinese history, the series will be an “original blend of historical drama, intrigue, and family comedy”.


When reached for comment, series creator Tyler Perry had the following to say: “Think of Game of Thrones meets any of my previous works. There’ll be plenty of intrigue between the states of Wu, Wei and Shu, but mostly it’s going to follow the day to day hijinks of Cao Cao, his son Cao Pi, and wife, Cao Madea, interspersed with their interactions with the equally bumbling but lovable Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhuge Liang. Depending on whether we get approved for another season, we might even get to add more emphasis on Sun Quan and Sun Liang. I’ll be playing every character – it’s been a ton of fun to film, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Select audiences were given a screening of a particular scene mid way in the series depicting the Battle of Red Cliffs. In it, we see Perry as Cao Cao, who is in this series terrified of boats and swimming, comically clinging to a piece of drift wood as the victorious Liu Bei (Perry) and general Zhou Yu (Perry) of the state of Wu poke and prod Cao Cao to his hilarious pleads and cries as he eventually falls overboard and into the water, to the roaring of the laugh track. Sample screenings have thus far been promising, and could spell another golden age in Perry’s career.


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