No more Mr. Nice Guy: WinRAR deploying thousands of loan sharks

Time’s up, freeloaders: WinRAR has announced they’re taking back their ubiquitous software from users who fail to pay after the initial trial. WinRAR has up until this point been utilised in the archiving and unpacking of files, allowing for ease of transfer. While the software was essentially freeware in the past, with the program merely requesting the user pay for its services without disabling access, according to WinRAR’s developer Eugene Roshal, that all ends now:


“We’ve been nice to users; we’ve asked politely for them to pay after the end of the trial phase. Users have however merely spit in our faces, taking our generosity for granted. This will now be coming to an end.”

Thousands of loan sharks have been contracted to hunt down and rough up anyone suspected of using the software without paying their due. Governments are reportedly powerless to intervene for fear of exposing the fact that they too have been freeloading. Hospitals across North America and Europe are reportedly crowded with “nerds with broken fingers and knees” with no end in sight.


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