It’s about time: Netflix to produce Friends-Afghan Civil War crossover series

Friends fans, your prayers have been answered! Netflix has announced that the cast of the beloved sitcom Friends will be reunited to star in a retelling of the series set during the Afghan Civil War. The new series, tentatively titled Malgeri will take place in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of Soviet forces, and will depict the power struggle between rival warlords, who will be played by the iconic cast.

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From what we know, the characters will be appearing as thus:

  • Ross – Ahmad Shah Massoud, the lovable Tajik commander of Jamiat-e Islami
  • Rachel – Burhanuddin Rabbani, political leader and fellow commander of Jamiat
  • Chandler – Abdul Rashid Dostum, the clever and relatively competent Uzbek commander of Junbish-e Milli
  • Monica – Abdul Ali Mazari, Hazara commander of Hezb-e Wahdat
  • Joey – Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the bumbling commander of Hezb-e Islami who is constantly hatching new hair-brained schemes
  • Phoebe – Mullah Mohammed Omar, the mysterious and eccentric leader of the Taliban

“Think of Game of Thrones meets Friends – we’ll be following the cast mainly from 1992 on as the communist government fell in Kabul and the rival warlords are all vying for control of the capital. We’ll be seeing a lot of hilarious antics as each of the characters form shaky alliances and try to one up one another. There’ll be romance, there’ll be laughs, there’ll be action, it’ll have it all” says Joseph Yazar, head writer for the new series. When asked how many episodes were planned, Yazar stated that “We’ll see up until the fall of Phoebe – it all depends on how the show’s received, but we’d love to do a second season”.

To get around the issue of the female cast members playing male warlords, they will reportedly be wearing large fake beards. In order to get the cast members into character, they are allegedly leading their own small bands of fighters in remote areas of Afghanistan. While things are being kept hush-hush, David Schwimmer, who portrays Ross, has reportedly said that “It’s been tough, but we all love it out here in the mountains. We’re really learning a lot about what it means to be a warlord – it’s a great learning experience!” You can expect to see The One Where Joey Keeps Firing Rockets at Ross sometime this March.


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