Now this is epic: EA working on VR headset capable of giving Madden players concussions

EA Sports fans, rejoice! The videogame giant recently announced that they are in the process of developing a VR headset for its Madden fans capable of administering a concussion whenever a player’s character gets tackled in game. While details are sketchy at this time, we can allegedly expect to see a demo in time for E3 2019.


The headset, which will apparently closely resemble an actual football helmet, will have several built-in pistons lining the interior. When the game registers a player as getting tackled, these pistons will quickly pull back and slam into the player’s skull, thus concussing the player. “As time goes on, the goal will be to more efficiently induce a concussion in the player and, fingers crossed, we can even start to see early signs of dementia and mood swings in many fans” states an anonymous source.

“This is a huge leap for immersion. We believe 100% that VR is the future of gaming, and that in-game trauma becoming real life trauma will finally allow the player to really feel like they’re in the NFL.” EA has seen rough times recently, with tremendous controversy stemming from the company’s fondness for lootboxes, and lackluster sales of one of its biggest recent titles, Battlefield V. Many experts see EA’s developments in VR as a means to recover from these recent losses. “We’re also considering a sort of lootbox system for the VR, whereby the player can purchase in game treatment for their concussions, which would translate to a lighter striking of the head in real life. We expect without any in-game purchases, most players should be able to last for about 30 hours in game before the risk of coma or CTE-inspired suicide becomes too great, at which point the player will be forced to take a breather for a week, or purchase premium mode.”


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