Strongman Champions League faces major scandal as reigning champion outed as several dwarves

The Strongman Champions League, which organizes several strongman competitions throughout the world, is facing the biggest scandal in its history as the current reigning champion, Mindaugas  Lukoševičius, was revealed to be a group of dwarves working in tandem to perform feats of strength. The revelation came after  Lukoševičius tripped over a barbell and collapsed into several smaller men.


While many were shocked by the news, some experts have been warning of such an event for some time. “I took one look at him, and I knew, this man is a colony of dwarves. His leotard is too lumpy, and no one wears full sleeves and gardening gloves when they lift here” says fellow strongman Aram Sahakian. “If you listen real closely, when he [ Lukoševičius] lifts anything, you can like a bunch of high pitched voices grunting. It just didn’t seem right to me.”

Debate continues to rage on within the strongman community regarding how the scandal should be dealt with. Some believe that the title of champion should be distributed among the dwarves evenly, while others maintain they should each be disqualified. Another proposal is that the dwarf which formed the head of  Lukoševičius should be disqualified alone for his deceitful tongue. The Strongman Champions League has yet to issue a statement on the matter.


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