Incredible: Researchers announce tribe of chimps communicate exclusively in Bob Seger lyrics

Researchers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have announced that a tribe of chimpanzees has been observed communicating almost exclusively, through sign language, Bob Seger lyrics. The find was announced this Friday by the leader of the team, Dr. Bohun.


“We had taught the chimpanzees to communicate via American Sign Language as part of a wider experiment some time ago, but I had assumed our endeavour to be a failure. I would see males out on patrol of their territory state to each other, “turn page” and, motioning to a trespasser on their territory, the other chimp would reply “never play game too long”, or a mother would describe its child to another member of its tribe as “young”, “strong” and “against wind” which I thought was gibberish until another member of our team realised these were all lyrics from Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band.”

Dr. Bohun’s team is unsure how the chimps came into contact with the music of Bob Seger, but theorizes its adoption by the tribe may stem from Seger’s “relatable and down to earth style”. “I mean, I don’t think anyone here’s been listening to it [Bob Seger’s discography] while out here, but I guess if there’s a songwriter that would appeal to our closest living ancestor, it’d be Bob Seger.”

Though his team currently has no plans to arrange a meeting between the chimps and Bob Seger himself, Dr. Bohun has stated that he is “open to the idea”.


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